Saturday, February 28, 2015

2015 Lunar New Year

Hi! The Chinese New Year is going to the end
I am still in the celebration mood
The school reopen after the few days celebration
and it has pulled me out from the mood that still intoxicate in the holiday

The school reopen which means also
I have to back to my reality
A new beginning, a brand new life
start continue to struggle with my life

The 2015 Lunar New Year is going to be end soon

here I am posting some photos that I took in the time of the year celebration

DAY-9 the birth of the TIAN GONG

Day-9 the birth of the TIAN GONG

Lou Shang always is the Malaysian local tradition that cannot do without
having it with my big family, there is 22 persons having Lou Shang together 
Lion Dance in my house at day-4

My RED outfit at the first day of Chinese New Year

My kind of big family!
very shock right, my grandpa he is having a big amount of his grandsons and granddaughters 

Lastly, here also a small advertisement
 we build up a small band which are some Chinese traditional instruments  mix with the modern instruments
names D' Raconteurs

 the photo took while we are having the performance at CNY day-6
one world hotel at Petaling Jaya,KL

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